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“Michael Koppy’s Ashmore’s Store is the Best Album of the Year—and ‘All in the Timing’ is the best song this critic has heard in the
past 30 years...This is great art...A work of genius.”
 — Paul Riley, Country Music People Magazine

“He brings a unique view of America, drawn from a storehouse of living...Ashmore’s Store occupies a genre entirely its own...it’s history,
the present and the future, all distilled into a country-pop album that’s downright cinematic.”
 — Chris Spector, Chicago Midwest Record

“He thinks big and immediately grabs your attention...visionary, unique.”  — David Bowling, Seattle Post Intelligencer

    Latest from Here....


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This new website was launched on November 15, 2014. I did all the design and coding myself—a tedious, tedious task for this admitted computer ignoramus. But I want to publicly thank the folks who created
previous editions of the site over the years for the work they did in attempting to present me and my work as favorably as they could. Y’all are hereby freed from ever again enduring another late night phone call
or frantic email from here as something or another requires your professional attention. Thank you, Schlomo Alter. Thank you, Garrett Soden. Thank you, Wayne Sietle. Thank you, Vonyse Reeder.   — MK


Musicians include Norman Hamlet (Merle Haggard & the Strangers), John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band),

Woody Paul (Riders in the Sky), Richard Greene (Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys), Roy Blumenfeld (The

Blues Project, Seatrain), Nicole Emery (Bob Dylan, Rickie Lee Jones), Cliff Carothers (Malice) and others.