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“Creatively eclectic, and an amazing guitar player with an excellent sense of humor...He treats audiences like the intellectually curious people they usually are.” — Leslie Katz, San Francisco Examiner

“Like a professorial Johnny Cash, Koppy keeps delivering the unexpected—and just plain blows you away.” — Chris Spector, Chicago Midwest Record

“With insightful, substantive lyrics and flowing guitar lines, he’s a true original. Don’t miss him.” — Rob Culver, Portland Tribune

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          Above is information about where I’m playing in the near future. If there’s nothing listed, it means the next gig is out on the front porch this evening—drop by if you're in the neighborhood.

          Unlike most players, I’m not really out performing everywhere all the time—don’t really have the cliché “performer’s need” to be on stage. (Which also means folks don’t get relentlessly spammed with pleading emails to “Come see me at Pete’s Pizzas on Saturday!—and Wherever The Hell Else next weekr!” Good, eh?) I mean it’s fine—performing is part of the job, usually enjoyable and certainly confirmational—but I find primary satisfaction in other aspects of all this: arriving at precisely the right words to express an idea in a lyric line, coming up with a circumlocution that perhaps offers a legitimately original insight, or—even though it’s really just more a fun diversion than of any emotional or intellectual moment—stumbling on a guitar phrase that drops elegantly into a musical passage.

          On the other hand, I attempt to put together regular professionally organized tours—and play this or that gig in the interim. So—in response to a question you didn’t ask and perhaps don’t care to have answered—I’m certainly amenable (indeed humbly grateful) to accept invitations that may be received to play house concerts or other gigs. If you or a friend would like to have me in your home, bar, club, used tire store, all-night donut shop or homeless encampment out under the freeway, lemme know what yer thinkin’ and we’ll see what we can work out. I even have the rare freedom of being able to fly anywhere I want—for free(!) on Delta—so can (and have) flown clear across the country, coast to coast, to play special gigs when worthwhile. Click down left to email with what your thinking....

          Along with the aforementioned one-off gigs here and there, recent tours are below.