Michael Koppy


“A seasoned storyteller...and oh, he’s funny!” — Trina Drotar, Sacramento Press

“Michael Koppy’s Ashmore’s Store is the best album of 2012...This is great art, with the narrative sweep of a classic novel...He’s created a timeless classic of epic proportions.” — Paul Riley, Country Music People Magazine

“He combines poetry, history, nostalgia and his unique world view into a complete and entertaining whole. To call Koppy ‘a character’ would be an understatement...both he and his work are true American originals.” — Walt Belcher, Tampa Tribune

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          Anyone interested in shooting a song or two—at a gig or in a more controlled setting—is invited to do so.

          Here’s a few now....

Behind Every Great Fortune


You Are My Sunshine

Rockefeller Blues

Nineteen Years Old

The Cloths of Heaven

What If

An Invitation to Videographers (Amateur and Professional):

          I’ve been particularly thinkin’ that my song, “One Great Mornin’ (The South’s Gonna Rise Again)”—which I wrote about the South, its unfortunate history and the more enlightened future that I hope may one day come to pass—might make a solid kinda “Ken Burns-ish documentary” style music video, if you know what I mean. Photos and illustrations, from history and today, cross-fading from one to another as the song weaves on—maybe interspersed with bits of actual performance.

          If yer interested in taking that on—for a film class, perhaps, or just for fun—lemme know. I’ll give you all the help I can.