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“The anthemic ‘One Great Mornin’ (The South’s Gonna Rise Again)’ is a rousing, left-wing Confederate call to arms—and yes, you read that right.” — Delfin Vigil, San Francisco Chronicle

“‘River’ is something Gordon Lightfoot might like to have written, while the off-the-wall ‘Til Hell’s Dang Done Froze Over’ crosses Shel Silverstein with an Okie version of David Bromberg.” — Mark S. Tucker, Folk and Acoustic Music

“‘Nineteen Years Old’ will tug at the heart of anyone who’s ever been truly in love.” — Gary Von Tersch, Detroit Big City Blues

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          If this page took a while to load it’s probably because there’s a lot of songs here. And every clip is longer than the 30-seconds found on most websites—some much, much longer. The intent is to try to provide a fair representation of the entire song, not leave you scratching your head with no idea what the hell’s actually going on. So, in the case of the almost half-hour long song called “All in the Timing: A Hollywood Romance in Seven Chapters”, there’s over four minutes in the sample clip—the first entire chapter of the song—because it seems to me you just need to get that much to discern how a composition like that can even work. Some clips start at the beginning, others fade in part-way through—again, the intent is to provide an intelligible impression of the particular song.

          It also seemed almost disrespectful—of me for my own work(!) and for people who appreciate it—to request the presently somewhat ubiquitous standard $1 per song, across-the-board, for each downloaded composition. Certainly the length of “All in the Timing” requires pricing proper for such a behemoth and ground-breaking effort. To not do so would be to diminish the work, frankly—and to affront you as well as myself. Three other longer songs are priced in similar concordance with proper esthetic imperative; with the remainder all at that currently prevailing $1 each.

          Clicking PURCHASE sends you to PayPal, and after the transaction completes you’re automatically connected to a waiting zip file for downloading. (By the way—to save anyone who’s cheap like me time clicking all around—there’s only two places to get these songs: here or via CDBaby.com, where they’re priced slightly higher. They’ve not been licensed to iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon or elsewhere. I hope you indeed find the material worthy of acquisition, and I thank you.)

                                                                                                                                                                                   All downloads $1.00
                                                                                                                                                                                unless otherwise noted

   One Great Mornin’ (The South’s Gonna Rise Again)             $2.00
                  (clip is 2:05 / song is 7:20)                                             from Ashmores Store       

   A Filled-Out Shirt     from Ashmore’s Store                                       
                  (clip is :56 / song is 2:56)

   River     from Ashmore’s Store                                                             
                  (clip is 1:07 / song is 3:58)

   Behind Every Great Fortune     from Ashmores Store                      
                  (clip is 1:05 / song is 2:55)

   Nineteen Years Old     from Ashmores Store                             $2.00
                  (clip is 1:42 / song is 6:20)

   ’Til Hell's Dang Done Froze Over     from Ashmores Store              
                  (clip is 1:14 / song is 3:02)

   We Shall Overcome        from Ashmore's Store                                   
                  (clip is 1:05 / song is 2:23)

   All in the Timing: A Hollywood Romance in Seven Chapters$5.00
                  (clip is 4:03 / song is 27:26)                                             from Ashmores Store       

   The Cloths of Heaven     from Ashmores Store                                  
                  (clip is 1:05 / song is 1:30)

   Track Ten     from Ashmores Store                                                     
                  (clip is 1:34 / song is 2:46)

   Amaranthus-Ringlets-Wildwood Flower   from Red River Redux  
                  (clip is :56 / song is 2:56)

   Alabama Jubilee     from Red River Redux                                          
                  (clip is 1:06 / song is 2:16)

   Whoopie Ti-Yi-Yo     from Red River Redux                                       
                  (clip is 1:04 / song is 4:05)

   Loose Talk     from Red River Redux                                                    
                  (clip is :34 / song is 2:50)

   I’m So Glad     from Red River Redux                                                  
                  (clip is 1:18 / song is 3:24)

   Leavin’ On Her Mind     from Red River Redux                                  
                  (clip is :34 / song is 3:40)

   Rockefeller Blues     from Red River Redux                                        
                  (clip is :50 / song is 2:19)

   Shady Grove     from Red River Redux                                                 
                  (clip is :57 / song is 3:16)

   Above and Beyond     from Red River Redux                                       
                  (clip is :56 / song is 3:01)

   One Great Mornin’ (The South’s Gonna Rise Again)          $2.00
                  (clip is 1:13 / song is 9:20)                                      [acoustic version]    from Red River Redux         

   Dixie     from Red River Redux                                                              
                  (clip is 1:54 / song is 4:31)

   Je T’appartiens     from Red River Redux                                            
                  (clip is :50 / song is 4:04)

   Oh, Susanna     from Red River Redux                                                 
                  (clip is :59 / song is 3:36)

   You Are My Sunshine     from Red River Redux                                  
                  (clip is 1:14 / song is 4:11)

   Corrina, Corrina     from Red River Redux                                          
                  (clip is 1:29 / song is 3:35)

   Red River Valley     from Red River Redux                                         
                  (clip is :47 / song is 4:50)